Angora goat mohair • hand-spun clothing • mohair rugs
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Hand-Spun Clothing and Rugs
All clothing articles and rugs offered from Waterloo Mohair are hand-crafted by ourselves with mohair and other natural fibers from our own farm.
Making mohair yarn on
a spinning wheel.
Knitting a mohair
triangular shawl.
Spinning mohair yarn using special core and ply technique.
Mohair shawl on loom about half way through construction.
Note the beautiful colors from natural dyes.

Handwoven Scarf $50
Yarn $0.45/gram
Poncho with Conchos
Mobius with Hood
Hand-Woven Mohair Rugs
$75 to $200 per square foot
Tanned Angora Goat Hide
Contact us for price & availability.
Mohair locks dyed with Cushing and Jacquard acid dyes. $2.75/oz.