Angora goat mohair • hand-spun clothing • mohair rugs
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Waterloo Mohair produces luxurious hand-made mohair and other natural fiber clothing and rugs. Each item is a unique creation.

Make a fashion statement with our singular hand-spun hats, scarves, and shawls.

Decorate the home or office with exclusive mohair rugs. These heirlooms exhibit warm, rich colors with textures that are fabulous to touch.

We offer washed or unwashed mohair, tanned goat hides, mohair, wool and llama yarn. Our products have shipped worldwide.

Since 2005, Judy has been an apprentice at Sigrid Piroch's ARTS Studio. This has been a splendid opportunity to increase weaving knowledge and skill. Besides that, it is just fun. Twice in 2009, work from the studio was featured in Handwoven magazine (May/June and Nov/ Dec). In 2007, Judy was the Artist in Residence for the Warren County (PA) school district. She taught weaving to students in the gifted

Adult, yearling & kid mohair locks.
Mohair from our
own goat herd.
Core & Ply Yarn Handwoven scarves
Pet Bed $75
Cat not included!
program from kindergarten to 8th grade. It was challenging and rewarding. She is available for spinning and weaving lessons.

We have a good group of yearling nannies and billies for sale. The current kid crop, which includes a colored billy kid, will be available for sale in September. We also have a colored 3 year old billy for sale. These goats were all sired by our registered (CAGBA) red billy. Contact us for more information.

Our farm and mohair products are our life. We are proud of the our herd and the products we offer. We look forward to meeting you and exploring how we can be of service!